St Pauls Carnival

I haven’t been to the Carnival for a few years but I’ved always loved photographing there. This year was amazing. A photographers dream. Great to get my work featured by the BBC, Bristol 24/7 and shown at the Arnofini.

About me



I thought that I would start my first blog by saying a bit about myself. 


I’ve always loved the arts but I’ve spent most of my life working as call centre team leader. After a years travelling I realised that I wanted to try something new.


Photography was something I really enjoyed back in college years ago and I had an inkling that I would be good at it. I studied for a foundation degree at Bristol City College, and, quite frankly, fell in love. I realised that I had to be a photographer. 


Like a lot of photographers I absolutely hate having my photo taken. This one isn't too bad though. 


After a few years doing general photography I realised that I wanted to specialise in wedding photography. The type of photography that I love is candid and documentary. I realised that weddings gave me the opportunity to do that kind of work. 


I’m very interested in the work of other photographers.  I spend a lot of time in galleries, going to talks or with my head stuck in a book. I do this because I genuinely love it but I also realise that it has a positive impact on my work. I think that it helps me frame a photograph in an interesting way and helps my approach stay fresh and modern. 


All my life I have been interested in the visual arts and that can only have an impact on the way that I see things.  Even the call centre jobs have had an impact on my work. After all those years in a customer service/supervisory background I have a lot of skill in knowing how to talk to people and make them relax. 



Thanks for listening, 






P.S I see so many great things out there that I have a huge Pinterest board of all my influences and generally cool stuff.